Call for more QPMs to be given to rank-and-file officers

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2016 Police Federation Conference, Bournemouth, Dorset, Jason Bye, 17/05/16

MORE frontline police officers should receive recognition by way of a Queen’s Police Medal in future, the new Prime Minister has said.

Speaking at the National Police Bravery Awards, Theresa May revealed that one of the last things she did as Home Secretary was make a recommendation that more rank-and-file officers should receive the QPM.

Mrs May (pictured) said: “I’ve noticed over the years it is a bit imbalanced with rank-and-file officers, and senior and chief officers, so I’ve asked them in future to rebalance that so that a few more rank-and-file officers get awarded the QPM.”

In the last Queen’s Birthday Honours – announced last month, 18 Queen’s Police Medals were handed out to Bobbies in England and Wales.

Nine were to Chief Officers, six were to the Superintending ranks, two to the Inspecting ranks, and one to a Sergeant. There were none at all for Police Constables.

And separately, research by showed a Chief Officer is more than 1,500 times more likely to be handed a Queen’s Police Medal than a PC, Sergeant or Inspector/Chief Inspector.

Of the 255 QPMs handed out since 2011, the website found that 40% were for chief officers – who make up less than 1% of all police personnel.

Meanwhile those at ranks from constable to chief inspector – around 98% of the total – received 36% of all QPMs.