“We must tell public about assaults on officers”

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Britisih Policeman in Traditional Helmet.

OFFICERS in Devon and Cornwall should consider themselves victims of crime if they are assaulted.

That’s the view of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, which is beginning a public campaign to highlight the issue.

Chairman Nigel Rabbitts said it was important that the general public is fully aware of the dangers police officers face doing their duty.

He said: “We want to make the issue of assaults on officers very public so the community knows that police officers doing their daily job are getting assaulted. That makes them victims of crime and they should be treated as such.

“And that is a difficult message to get across but I think the public will understand that, because an assault on a police officer is an assault on the community we’re representing”

Mr Rabbitts reiterated the problems that officers face when they are single crewed in the force’s large geographical area – describing it as less effective than double crewing.

He explained: “The problem with single-crewing is they then need two cars to travel to one incident and that’s not good for the environment, it’s not good for the roads of Devon and Cornwall, and actually single-crewed officers are less effective.

“There is a place out in the community for single-crewing because community policing officers don’t need to be in twos, but response, yes, proper response needs to be in place, so of those cars need to be double-crewed, just for the efficiency of the force.”