Two awards for PC who fractured eye socket catching offender

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Pc Stuart Mines

A DEVON and Cornwall police officer who fractured his eye socket following a bottle attack has been awarded for his bravery and selflessness.

Exeter PC Stuart Mines was praised for his exemplary behaviour and considerable courage in the arrest of a violent offender, who had used a bottle to hit his victim repeatedly across the face, causing very serious injuries, in January this year.

PC Mines was left with a fractured eye socket while apprehending the offender, near Exeter University.

“My main focus was the safety of students [rather] than my own, because at the end of the day I’m the one with the stab resistant vest and the training – not them,” he said.

PC Mines was also given a second award for saving the life of a man who collapsed at a bus stop in Topsham. He was off-duty at the time and came to the man’s rescue, alongside his colleague PC Kelly Ann Davies.

“We first realised what was happening when we heard a member of the public screaming for help,” explained PC Mines. “We immediately ran over and helped him. It sounds really clichéd but any one of us would have done what we did.

“You’re never off work, and as a police officer you still have a duty to watch over people and protect them.”

The two PCs attended an awards ceremony at Exeter Guildhall, led by Devon Commander Chief Supt Jim Colwell and Supt Sam de Reya.

Another officer, PC Robert Dodd, was honoured for preventing a man from jumping off a bridge.

Sgt Anthony Shayler and PC Alan Findlay were praised for putting their lives in danger to pull a man away from a railway line “just as a train thundered past”.

Lord Mayor Cynthia Thompson told the Exeter Express and Echo: “I was deeply moved by the courage and bravery of these police officers. To realise that they are doing these things on a daily basis is humbling. They are never really off duty.”

Picture: Exeter Express and Echo