“Tell us what staffing levels are really like”

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DEVON and Cornwall Police Federation is surveying its members about whether there are enough bobbies on the beat as the force enters its busiest period of the year.

The survey launched this week will look at the threshold staffing levels because officers are being “exposed by being left on their own for certain shifts”, the Federation said.

Chairman Nigel Rabbitts said:”This is member driven – members are having problems booking annual leave, they’re being left exposed being on their own for certain shifts, in certain parts of the two counties.

“On paper they’re showing that they should have enough staff and the problem is that we want the force to do a ‘Bethlehem’ census to actually, at a point in time, count heads.

“We want them to actually see who is there and look at the figures and tell us why those that should be there aren’t there, and how they can possibly say that the system could work in Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

“We’d like to encourage everybody to participate because I know they may be surveyed to death, but we need actually evidence we can take to the Senior Command Team to show that the thresholds are wrong.

“Our members are getting increasingly frustrated. We’re coming into our busiest time in the summer and there seems to be no summer policing plan, so we’ve got no additional staff and quite honestly it’s making people ill.”

Mr Rabbitts said the Federation wanted the force to take “meaningful action” to reduce the current demand on officers.

He added: “We want to start seeing some meaningful action by the force because they’ve talked and talked. They’ve talked about reducing demand, but that hasn’t happened. In fact very little has happened and it appears that our members are taking all the risk.”