“Come and see how officers spend their days”

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Police pic

THE New Home Secetary should get out into communities to see exactly how police officers spend their day.

Amber Rudd was named as the new Home Secretary after Theresa May was confirmed as Prime Minister.

Devon and Cornwall Police Federation Chairman Nigel Rabbitts described Ms Rudd’s appointment as  “new start” but said that she needs to make an effort to understand policing.

He said: ”I think the old Home Secretary, now Prime Minster, has never really understood policing, and she’s always referred to police officers as being crime fighters and has never understood that that’s only about 27% of their time.

“The communities expect a lot more from policing and I would like the new Home Secretary to get out in the communities, away from the metropolitan area, and see what police officers do day in day out.

“That may then make her realise that the funding formula is wrong and that police officers can only do their job if they’ve got the right equipment, the right tools, the right vehicles, and the right number to actually be effective.”

Mr Rabbitts said in her first year in office, Ms Rudd should have a “real consultation” with the public about their local policing.

He said that at the end of her first year, he “would like her to say that she has instigated a real look and real consultation with the public into what they want their local police service to deliver”.

He added: “That is fundamental to then having the right number of people. And if she announced that then we’d be really pleased.

“I think we know that what will come with that is increase in mood, increase in pay, and something to actually raise morale in service because we are being battered continually by austerity and that isn’t helping anybody.

“I fear that austerity is going to continue. I personally don’t think that the exit from the EU is going to help at all, because I think we’re going to be looking at that continued austerity, and unfortunately it’s the public sector that takes the brunt of that.”