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Financial problems push officers to second jobs

SOME officers in Devon and Cornwall have resorted to taking a second job because they can’t survive on their police salary. Nigel Rabbitts, Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, said they see officers every day who have financial problems. He says officers have been forced to do this because police pay rises have been […]

Force misses target on double the number of 999 calls

THE proportion of 999 calls where Devon and Cornwall Police officers have failed to respond within the force’s 20-minute target time has more than doubled in five years. The rise – from 13% in 2010 to 27.7% in 2015 – has been blamed on dwindling resources combined with increased demand.

Police response targets are ‘meaningless bureaucracy’

TARGETS add a meaningless level of bureaucracy that does not help police officers carry out their duties, the Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation has said. Nigel Rabbitts was speaking after new figures showed that the proportion of 999 calls that have not been responded to within the force’s 20-minute target has more than […]

Mobile technology would allow more time on the beat

OFFICERS in Devon and Cornwall desperately need new mobile technology so they can spend more time on the beat. Nigel Rabbitts, Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation said a technical upgrade was crucial for rural forces when officers have to cover a large geographical area. He was speaking after a report from HM Inspectorate […]

College of Policing launches plans for ‘academic recognition’

A CONSULTATION has been launched on “academic recognition” for police officers – a degree for future entrants and new policing apprenticeships. Chief Constable Alex Marshall, CEO of the College of Policing, said: “This is the first time in British policing that a proposal has been put forward allowing officers and staff – if they wish […]

Common sense is most important policing qualification

COMMON sense is the most important qualification for becoming a police officer, the Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation has said. Nigel Rabbitts was responding to a plan by the College of Policing to require all prospective police officers to have a degree before joining the service. But he said the College’s plan was […]

Doubling in number of officers on long-term sick leave

THE number of Devon and Cornwall Police officers on long-term sick leave almost doubled over three years, according to figures from the force. The number jumped from 158 officers in 2010/11 to 305 officers in 2013/14. The figures for staff on long-term sick also rose over the same period, from 169 to 214.

Cuts could stop detection of roads offences, MPs warn

THE fall in the number of motoring offences could be as a result of falling traffic officer numbers rather than an improvement in driving standards, according to MPs. The Transport Select Committee warned that police cuts would stop some offences being detected. The number of specialist road policing officers in England and Wales fell from […]

Incumbent PCC Tony Hogg will not run for re-election

ON Thursday 5 May, voters in Devon and Cornwall will vote to decide who will be their next local police and crime commissioner. After three and a half years in the position, Tony Hogg will not stand for a second term. Instead, Alison Hernandez will stand for the Conservatives. She has already laid out a […]

PCC accuses Home Secretary of ‘divisiveness’ over elections

DEVON and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner has accused Home Secretary Theresa May of “stooping to divisiveness” ahead of this year’s PCC elections. Tony Hogg said he was “deeply disappointed” by a statement in which Mrs May suggested that Conservative PCCs would keep their communities safer than other political party members or independent candidates.