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Devon and Cornwall emergency response times rise by 50%

NIGHTTIME emergency response times have increased by 50% over three years at Devon and Cornwall Police, one of the highest increases in England and Wales. Across the country, police response times to urgent 999 calls between 11pm and 6am increased by an average 17% between 2011 and 2014.

Officers advised to vary commute to keep safe

POLICE officers have been advised to vary their routes to work, alter the locations in which they park and wear ordinary clothes on their commute. The advice has come from the Police Federation of England and Wales after officers were warned to be extra vigilant about their personal safety. A video posted on the Federation’s […]

Federation wants to hear your views on pay and pensions

POLICE officers have been asked to share their views on how issues such as pay, pensions, shift patterns and career prospects have had an effect on their wellbeing. The Police Federation of England and Wales has launched its annual survey of pay and morale in the service.