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Increment payments return for officers from 1 April

THE “Winsor” freeze on increment payments for police officers is about to thaw – with PCs and sergeants once again able to climb their way up the pay scales from April. After a two year wait, constables across England and Wales in the first decade of their careers will see their pay rise on the […]

Confirmed: Police pension payments to rise yet again

THE Home Office has confirmed in a letter to the Police Negotiating Board that police officer pension contributions will rise for the third straight year on 1 April. The majority of English and Welsh officers on the 30-year Police Pension Scheme will suffer a 0.75 per cent increase to 14.25 per cent on April 1. […]

Warning that neighbourhood policing is under threat

BOBBIES on the beat in Devon and Cornwall Police could disappear with the force moving to purely reactive work. Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer warned that unless public services worked more closely together, future funding could leave a purely reactive service. And Nigel Rabbitts Federation chairman, (pictured) said: “When the public dial 999 there has got to […]

TOIL changes at Devon and Cornwall Police

CHANGES are being made to the way constables and sergeants claim overtime and time off in lieu in the force. Officers with more than 40 hours currently recorded on the Global Rostering System (GRS) will have three options available to them: They can either have the hours paid up or they can have a certificate […]

Government waives inheritance tax for families of fallen

POLICE officers killed in the line of duty will not be subject to inheritance tax, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has confirmed in his 2014 budget. George Osborne told the House of Commons that the Government will be “waiving inheritance tax for those in our emergency services who give their lives protecting us”. The move was […]

Would serving officers pay cash to be a copper?

POLICE officers have hit out at plans to introduce chartered status to the role – which could cost more than £100 a year. Officers have been told they may have to pay a fee to do their job if proposals from the College of Policing come into being. The college has asked cops – as […]

Police minister will leave reform to Federation – for now

THE police minister has urged the Police Federation of England and Wales to implement recommendations made in the Independent Review, but has stopped short of setting an ultimatum for reform. Damian Green (pictured) told the Home Affairs Select Committee that he had found the review “hugely illuminating and somewhat shocking” but praised the Federation leadership […]

Police officer numbers continue to fall in force

NUMBERS are continuing to fall at Devon and Cornwall Police, with force strength decreasing by 99 officers in just a year. The force was home to 3,146 police officers in September 2012 but just 3,047 the following year – representing a 3.1 per cent decrease. Officer numbers have fallen by 2.4 per cent across England and […]

“Only plusses to introduction of body cameras”

OFFICERS around the UK are now spending less time writing statements thanks to the introduction of body cameras. Around 20 forces across England and Wales have introduced the light portable cameras which advocates say protect officers and the public, increase guilty pleas and save officers’ time. Nigel Rabbitts, of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, said there […]

Huge disappointment at forces’ A19 ruling appeal

A GROUP of police forces are appealing against a ruling that stated their use of the A19 retirement regulation was not “proportionate”. Hundreds of officers from Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Devon and Cornwall, North Wales and South Wales Police, who were made to leave their jobs in the wake of the budget cuts, won a case […]