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Police Federation told it needs to change

THE rank structure of the Police Federation of England and Wales should be abolished as should the National Joint Central Committee, a review has stated. The independent review into the organisation also recommended that member subscriptions should be reduced by 25% in 2015 – and possibly beyond that. A national database of the membership should […]

“Lots to digest in Police Federation review”

THE chairman of Devon and Cornwall branch board has backed recommendations to centralise Police Federation funds. Speaking after the independent review of the Police Federation of England and Wales was published on Monday, Nigel Rabbitts said that the force and region had long been in favour of centralising funds. “We think that has been needed for […]

Police officer Pay Review Body coming this year

A FORMER Head of Employee Relations and Human Resources at British Airways is to be chairman of the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) – expected to replace the Police Negotiating Board. David Lebrecht became chairman of the “National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body” on Monday (20 January). Subject to Parliament’s approval, the PNB will be […]

Police pursuits: Force changes to new policy

OFFICERS without tactical pursuit and containment (TPAC) training will no longer be able to pursue motorists, following a change in policy at Devon and Cornwall Police. The force has pledged to increase the number of TPAC-trained drivers, but said the new rule was necessary to “ensure public safety”. ACPO guidelines state a police driver is […]

Roads policing numbers plunge to new record low

ENGLAND and Wales has “the fewest number of roads policing officers in recorded history”, a conference has been told. John Giblin, Federation lead on roads policing, (pictured) said the crucial role traffic officers play in tackling crime needs to be recognised by politicians. Mr Giblin said roads policing officers on average deal with the trauma […]

Inspecting ranks “exploited and abused”, report warns

THE working conditions of inspectors and chief inspectors continue to be “exploited and abused” by managers in the service, the Police Federation of England and Wales has said. The Fed’s inspectors’ central committee have put together a 28 page document as a guide to member’s working conditions – in an attempt to “reduce the abuse […]

PCC has confidence in the force’s crime stats

DEVON and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner has said he has a “strong degree of confidence” in the accuracy of the force’s crime statistics. In written evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee, which is carrying out a national inquiry into crime data, Tony Hogg said he trusted the accuracy of local figures, which could […]

What will police officers have to stop doing in 2014?

NEIGHBOURHOOD policing and mental health work are just two of the policing jobs that may have to be sacrificed in 2014, front line officers have warned. Cops have spoken out over shrinking budgets and shrinking officer numbers – stating the police officers and staff remaining in England and Wales cannot be expected to do everything. And […]

“Chartered cops would professionalise policing”

POLICE officers achieving “chartered” status – like accountants or lawyers – would “professionalise” the job, according to policing heavyweight Lord Stevens. The former Met commissioner (pictured) told MPs that in more than 40 years of working in policing, the job has, in his opinion, “never been a profession”. He said introducing a chartered status – […]

“Leadership critical in improving police crime stats”

POOR supervision and leadership rather than institutional corruption have been blamed by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspectorate of Constabulary for manipulated police crime figures. Tom Winsor (pictured) predicted that the current inspection of crime data and integrity – which will publish an interim report in April and a full report in October – would reveal how […]